National Action Plan to Increase Safe Infant Sleep

Safe Infant Sleep

The NAPPSS Coalition is pleased to present the National Action Plan to Increase Safe Infant Sleep: A Blueprint from the National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep. The framework for the plan was developed under the guidance of an Expert Leadership Group. National Action Partners generated ideas at a national action forum upon which the action steps for implementing the plan are based. Together, these groups form the NAPPSS Coalition comprised of more than 50 national advocacy organizations, professional associations, faith communities, and business groups with the active involvement of federal partners, including the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and NICHD’s Safe to Sleep® campaign.

The National Action Plan was developed and will be implemented within the context of the layers of the NAPPSS Social-Ecological Model that informs the project. Brief Background Information about Sudden Unexpected Infant Death, Safe Sleep Practices, and Breastfeeding, puts the National Action Plan in context, and explains why we all must make safe sleep everybody’s business. A set of definitions serves as a resource for understanding the terms as they are used in the National Action Plan. Key terms are also highlighted in the plan; roll over the terms with your mouse to get their definition.

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How to USE

This plan is an evolving document. This page is designed to be continually updated by the NAPPSS action teams, state and federal partners, and everyone who works to ensure that all babies sleep safely—each night and each naptime—and wake up healthy and strong. Begin by reading the plan’s vision, mission, and principles. Then, you can expand each of the goals, strategies, and actions and let us know how your work on promoting safe sleep practices and breastfeeding fits into this national framework.


We envision a world where all babies sleep safely—each night and each naptime—and wake up healthy and strong.


The National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep (NAPPSS) will develop and implement a practical National Action Plan to Increase Safe Infant Sleep and partner to support breastfeeding among infant caregivers by activating systems, supports, and services to systematically work together to make safe infant sleep a national norm.


Our National Action Partnership will be guided by six principles to help make safe infant sleep a reality for all families. Specifically, the Partnership will:

  1. Ensure that actions are designed to support all individuals and are effective for populations who experience the highest rates of sleep-related infant deaths.
  2. Incorporate values and principles of cultural and linguistic competence to ensure that actions are respectful and effective for infant caregivers from all backgrounds.
  3. Engage infant caregivers and their communities in designing, implementing, and evaluating actions
    to promote safe Sleep practices.
  4. Activate the systems and services that touch families to work together to ensure that all babies sleep safely each night and each naptime.
  5. Honor caregiver’s experiences of caring for infants by integrating the promotion of Safe Sleep and breastfeeding to reduce SUID/SIDS deaths.
  6. Recognize that families are the ultimate decision-makers each day and night in the moments of personal choice about how to care for their infants.

Interactive GOALS

To read the strategies and actions under each of the three goals below, please click on the goal itself or the down arrow to the right. After you expand the goal, you will see all the strategies and actions displayed.

Click on each action to access a fillable form to let us know what you and/or your organization are doing to promote this action. NAPPSS staff will collect these actions and will further populate this plan with your input. To close expanded goals. strategies, and actions, click on the corresponding text again or the up arrow to the right. Roll over hot-linked words to see their definitions.

Check back often, as we add more actions from the field—remember, this is a living document that will grow with time and use.

What to Do NEXT

If you’ve read the plan and added information on what you are doing for the actions under the 3 goals above, you might be asking what next? The NAPPSS team will incorporate your information into the National Action Plan. This information will help to influence the work of the NAPPSS Action Teams and will serve as a resource to others in the field. Armed with this resource, the NAPPSS team will focus on the next phase of the project—moving from awareness to action. As a colleague in the field, whether a NAPPSS Coalition Member, and NAPPSS Action Team Partner, or a Friend of NAPPSS, the project will be in communication with you to let you know of opportunities for collaboration in the project and for ways to advance project goals. If you have not already done so, please sign up to receive updates from the project.

You can also check back with this online page to see what’s happening nationally, regionally, and locally with each of the actions. As we learn more about what all of you are doing, we will add information to these sections, and the National Action Plan will evolve into a roadmap for making safe infant sleep a national norm.