How To Fall Asleep Fast

How To Fall Asleep Fast

Staying awake into the wee hours of the morning in a bid to at least find a “position” that can warrant you an even an hour of sleep like other people, is always a very frustrating feeling. What is worse is that the feeling, on numerous occasions, you always have to deal with it yourself. This can lead to emotional and mental meltdowns that can affect one’s health status and the way you usually attack your daily routines.

The effects of lack of sleep into your health and way of life are endless. Therefore, you need to get ahead of your lack of sleep and find ways to sleep the moment you hit your bed immediately. It is, for this reason, this article will look into ways to help you fall asleep fast.

Use Your Mind to Breathe

The nervous and circulatory system work together to help human beings have healthy sleeping behaviors. Other aspects play a part in this, but these two are the main players in how you sleep. The ability to make both systems to work coherently to for a peaceful night sleep by maintaining good breathing patterns is primary to sleeping fast.

Deep, slow bouts of breath help in relaxation which makes your nervous system respond to its surrounding. fThis allow your body to relax and be calm. The state of tranquility makes it conducive for you to focus on your sleep.

The 4-7-8 technique by Dr. Andrew Weil takes you to slumber in 60 seconds. The technique is straightforward.

It involves breathing in and out while you are holding the end of your tongue against the ridge at the rear of your upper teeth so that when you exhale it makes a “whooshing” sound.

  • 4: inhale for four seconds with your mouth closed
  • 7: sustain the breath for seven seconds
  • 8: then breath out gently through your mouth to produce the “whooshing” sound for eight seconds.

At first, the technique is effective when practiced while sitting. As you progress, you can start by practicing while you are lying on your back. The process best works if done in four cycles when you are beginning, and then you can increase the sequences as you start to grasp the technique.

Use The Best Mattress of The Right Density

Majority of people do not care about the firmness of a mattress when purchasing one. According to Dennis Pork From,  In order to get the best mattress of 2020, the density of your mattress plays a massive part in helping you learn how to fall asleep fast. It is incredible how the thickness and firmness of a mattress affect how someone falls asleep.

According to research, sleeping positions, age, body physiology, and other factors affects how people enjoy their sleep on various types of mattresses. Different people, depending on their sleeping tendencies and biological constitution, need to find the right mattress firmness to suit their sleeping style for a good night rest.

Mattress shops like Amerisleep are offering mattresses in different firmness to cater to their diverse customer base in terms of sleeping tendencies. The company provides the AS5 mattress that provides the tenderest of feelings when you sleep on them. They are ideal for people who sleep holding each other. It helps ease the pressure on their shoulder and hips. The mattress is also perfect for those who enjoy their sleep on their side. Another type is the AS1 which is very dense and firm. This type of mattress offers a sense of firmness to its users that is great among back and stomach sleepers.

The AS3 offers a perfect balance of firmness and tenderness that suits people with a variety of sleeping positions. It is also recommended for couples with different tastes of firmness.

Go Caveman

Dark and cold surroundings are ideal for a nice sleep. But finding a dark and cool place in this technologized world can be very difficult. Homes and bedrooms are fitted with intricate lighting and temperature regulating systems that make achieving such conditions difficult. Lighting from gadgets is known to be melatonin inhibitors which can make sleeping hard.

Therefore, to fall asleep swiftly, it is wise to structure your sleeping space like an ancient cave. Caves are synonymous with darkness and bats. But you do not have to make your room creepy to help you fall asleep fast. You can start by switching off all your gadgets and lights when its bedtime. If your room is incapable of being dark, you can use eye masks.

Prepare your body to anticipate sleeping time by dimming lights thirty minutes in advance.

Keep Chill

Chilly temperature is always a great catalyst of sleep. It is possible you have realized that chilly surroundings are conducive to fall asleep in. Research has found out that cool temperature helps people sleep faster and deeper. Furthermore, cold temperature is a good reason to pull your blanket over your head so that you can keep warm. By keeping warm, you can fall asleep faster.

A study in Australia showed that people suffering from lack of sleep always have high core temperature in the evening and their inability to maintain the core body temperature affects how fast they fall asleep.

The optimum room temperature to sleep in is around 65 degrees. But this may vary depending on your preference.

Immersing yourself in a warm bath before entering your bed help reduce your core body temperature which helps your sleeping process.

Deceive Your Brain

Paradoxical intention is the tuning of the brain to do the exact opposite of what it set out to do in the first place. Insomniacs tend to over-anticipate sleep which may make the quality of sleep poor when they finally get to sleep. Therefore, sleep instructors use this technique on insomniacs to suppress their anticipation to sleep by encouraging them to stay awake for as long as possible. Urging them to stay awake for long, reduces anxiety levels which makes it easy to fall asleep.

Daydream to Your Advantage

People who experience sleeping problems are always affected by unpleasant thoughts. Insomniacs tend to dwell on their day by unpacking their thoughts bit by bit when on the bed. This tendency is unhealthy for someone who is trying to fall asleep.

Relieving unwanted thoughts when you are lying idle in bed, staring into nothing can be very difficult. Therefore, to mitigate these thoughts, it is wise to picture positive images or occurrences like daydreaming but purposeful daydreaming.

You can achieve this by:

  • Setting up a calming situation in your mind and look into it deeply. This can be a picnic that you enjoyed with family and friends, a tranquil forest.
  • You can picture yourself doing something good in loops. The repeated vision of yourself doing something positive repeatedly helps keep you calm and sleepy.

This technique may sound like wishful thinking, but when used appropriately, it works wonders. It is okay to wander off during the visualization process. It fine to give yourself sticks for instances like those but it is good to return to your peaceful vision without overstressing yourself. It is also a good stress-reliever in the middle of a stressful day.

Eat Sufficient Carbs Diet at Night

Carbs are known to be healthy and easy to digest. A healthy digestion system is essential for a good night sleep as compared to complex, spicy diets. However, the carb diet also has its downsides.

The research found out that some carbs such as white bread, noodles are not that easy to absorb and could affect how you sleep. Therefore, when you are cutting on carbs, it is healthy to eat a portion during meals and not to over-do it.

The trick is to keep the rations enough to avoid bloating and indigestion. The recommended time to eat your carbs before bedtime is four hours. This time is enough for the food to be digested so that you do not have to go o bed with indigestion. Therefore, eating your carbs less than four hours to bed is out of the question because it is not healthy for your body.

Minimize Naps During Day Time

Poor sleeping habits make insomniacs to sleep during the day because they are unable to sleep during the night. They compensate for this deficiency by having daytime naps. The naps then become everyday routines. Sleeping during the day deprives someone the sleep they would sleep at night.

Therefore, when someone tries to sleep at night, they have troubles sleeping. This can be countered by a victim finding other recreational activities that are beneficial to their body but do not require sleeping during the day.


The inability to get quality sleep and ways of correcting it require patience and dedication. Furthermore, it is not a straightforward journey that you start today and finish tomorrow. There are occasions you will achieve the goals you have set and sometimes, you will not meet the goals. Therefore, frustrations are a part of the journey, and they should not discourage you in your journey finding ways to help you fall asleep fast. Whenever you fail, you should stand up and forge ahead with your journey.